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Amila Silva

CATCH Alum: Postdoctoral Researcher

CATCH alum, Amila Silva, was previously a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Amila completed his PhD at the University of Melbourne advised by Shanika Karunasekera, Christopher Leckie, and Ling Luo. His PhD research focused on developing AI models to understand complex multi-modal environments, where the holistic view of real-world objects is conveyed using multiple forms that could be either raw sensory media (e.g., text and image) or any inferred forms (e.g., propagation network of a news article). Application areas focused on misinformation detection and cross-modal information retrieval. Amila has interned at: Fundamental AI Research (FAIR), Meta AI in Menlo Park, focusing on transfer learning capabilities of diffusion-based deep generative models for cost and data-efficient audio and image generation; and with the International Machine Learning (IML) group, Amazon in Australia.