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Professor Ben Rubinstein

University of Melbourne


Ben Rubinstein is a Professor and AI Co-lead in the School of Computing and Information Systems and Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Engineering & IT, The University of Melbourme. Rubinstein is Co-lead of the Joint MURI-AUSMURI in Cybersecurity Assurance for Teams of Computers and Humans. His research interests span machine learning, security and privacy, databases such as adversarial learning, differential privacy and record linkage. He has been part of teams that have: analysed privacy at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a major bank, and Transport for NSW; robustness of translation systems to data poisoning attacks with Facebook; helped identify and plug side-channel attacks against the Firefox browser; deanonymised Victorian Myki transport data and an unprecedented Australian Medicare data release, prompting introduction of the Re-identification Offence Bill 2016; developed scalable Bayesian approaches to record linkage tested by U.S. Census; and shipped production systems for entity resolution in Bing and the Xbox360. Ben completed a BSc (Pure Maths), BEng (Software Hons.), MCompSci (Research) at The University of Melbourne, and a PhD (CS) at UC Berkeley in 2010. Prior to joining the University of Melbourne in 2013, he was a Researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley and Research Staff Member at IBM Research Australia.