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Dr Aref Miri Rekavandi

University of Melbourne

Postdoctoral Researcher

Aref’s primary area of expertise is in robust learning and estimation, which he has used in Visual Positioning Systems, Small Object Detectors, Suicide Prediction Models, and Diffusion Models. Prior to CATCH, he held the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Western Australia from 2021 to 2023. Aref received a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from The University of Melbourne, with Prof. Robin J. Evans and A/Prof. Karim Seghouane, applying robust signal and image processing techniques to brain activity detection. Specifically, he worked on signal processing methods for Canonical Correlation Analysis, Robust Detectors, Sparse Dictionary Learning, and Subspace Tracking Systems. Aref has been a Visiting Researcher at the University of Oxford, where he contributed to brain comparative analysis model for multiple species, and a Visiting Researcher at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Melbourne, where Aref was involved in developing Statistical Signal Processing techniques.