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Dr Quentin Gronau

University of Newcastle

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Quentin Gronau is a postdoc with Prof Brown, Prof Eidels, and Dr Hawkins at the University of Newcastle (Australia). He completed his PhD at the Psychological Methods department of the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with Prof Wagenmakers where he was also part of the JASP software team and developed the bridgesampling and abtest R packages. Subsequently, Dr Gronau did a postdoc with Prof Heathcote (University of Amsterdam), Dr Matzke (University of Amsterdam), and Dr Hinder (University of Tasmania) before moving to the University of Newcastle. His research interests are computational cognitive models which are used to study behavior and cognition, and the theoretical development and practical implementation of Bayesian analyses. Dr Gronau’s current research focuses, among other topics, on the development of shared mental models for improving the performance of human-bot cybersecurity teams.